Joshua Melton memorial sapphire blue hoodie

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Once the pre order sale ends hoodies will be shipped or ready for pickup within 4 weeks.  

No one could ever express enough thanks that has been shown to Joshua's family during this tough time. Hardships are best fought together.

We have a special hoodie design to memorialize and highlight Joshua's passion, his Grabber Blue Mustang. We know he would be proud of this hoodie, because these are 2 photos that he took of his car. The second purpose of the hoodie is to raise a few extra funds in hopes to get a grave site marker that best memorializes Joshua.

You will find that you can purchase the hoodie, as well as make a separate donation / contribution to help with the headstone.

** 100% of all the hoodie proceeds and donations will go directly towards the grave site marker

Thank you for the support and helping to keep his memory alive.

Gildan Heavy Blend sapphire blue hoodie